A Republic is a government of the politicians, by the politicians, for the politicians.

Reject The Politicians’ Republic

There is a renewed campaign to make Australia into a republic for one main reason: more power to politicians.

A president will assume powers that will certainly be contrary to the current constitutional structure of our stable and impartial system. A president cannot be impartial.

Our current system of constitutional monarchy has been successful in blocking politicians from assuming control over our constitution. As a result, we have had constitutional stability and security for over a hundred years.

We have seen the disruption to the governance of the nation that the deep divisions created by adversarial politics can cause. More power to politicians will lead to further and more dramatic instability. Without the impartial restraining powers in place under our system of constitutional monarchy, we become vulnerable to unimagined consequences.

Don’t let disruption happen to the Nation itself.
Don’t change to a politicians’ republic.

What is proposed is an irreversible and hugely contentious constitutional change for Australia and its citizens and the Australian Monarchist League is actively lobbying against such a change.

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